So what are you supposed to do with all these dumb points?

Ok. Here’s where the rubber meets the road, or some such cliché. You’ve got some credit card points, such as Amex Membership Rewards, or Chase Ultimate Rewards, or even those dodgy Citi ThankYou Points. Or you’ve got airline miles or hotel points. What do you do with them?

You fly somewhere or stay somewhere, that’s what. (Or you can cash them out or buy gift cards or some shit like that, but you don’t get much value that way.) I’m gonna write a few posts about how to do this, but here’s the overview: Continue reading

FFS, get a Chase Sapphire Reserve at a branch before March 11 if you haven’t already

As you know, I’m a big freaking fan of the Chase Sapphire Reserve, because, for effectively $150/year, you get gobs of points on everyday spending (3 points per dollar on dining, travel, transportation, and lodging).

Welp, if you haven’t got a Reserve yet, get off your ass and over to a Chase branch before March 11, and apply for one. Starting March 12, the bonus 100,000 points that you get for signing up drops to 50,000 points. Don’t apply online, because that bonus has already dropped. Continue reading

17 for ’17 — part 1: Chase Ultimate Rewards & Starwood Preferred Guest

2016 was a lot of things to a lot of people. For me, it was the year I lost my mind and acquired 17 new credit cards, all bright and shiny for the new year. Yeah. 17. I applied and was approved for the final one today. It wasn’t a goal. it just happened that way. I swear.

I don’t recommend any normal person do this. A normal person should just choose the one or two cards that they are going to use (protip: Chase Sapphire Reserve + Chase Freedom Unlimited) that can get them beaucoup travel or cash back.

Here’s what I can tell you, though, about this insane adventure:  Continue reading